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The Entrepreneur Rainmaker Book Launch & Live Training...

Your Playbook  To Master The Art of Self Funding And Revenue Generation

Learn how to fund and grow a highly profitable business without needing outside investors, bank loans or business grants

Launch - Sunday 8th, October 2023


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What You Will Learn In This Book

A Special Edition Of BELT Magazine - Entrepreneur Rainmakers

  • Ultimate Funding Path: The 3 Core Strategies For Funding Your Business
  • Self Funding Mastery: Unlocking Levels of Funding
  • ​Revenue Generation: Getting Consistent Predictable Revenue In Your Business
  • Cashflow: The life blood of your business
  • ​Disruptive Marketing: Market Penetration and Dominance
  • Brand Influence & Authority: Creating the perfect position as an authority in your market
  • Collaborations & Partnerships: Leveraging your network to maximize results and mutual benefits

Featured Experts

Steve Harris

Business Strategist & Coach

Steve Harris is a highly regarded Executive Coach and Business Strategist, bringing over 18 years of experience as a Management Consultant. With an impressive track record of working with Fortune 500 companies across multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Africa, Steve is recognized as a trusted authority in Peak Performance Coaching and Business Strategy

Chinwe Ukaegbu

Marketing & Advertising Expert

Chinwe Ukaegbu is a WhatsApp Marketing Expert and Influencer with a focus on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through list building, offer hacking and content marketing. Her expertise cuts across sales strategies, marketing and implementation for results.

Bolaji Olatoye

Sales Automation Expert

Bolaji Olatoye is a sales automation expert, having over 15 years banking technology experience, he has been able to provide consulting services to fintech startups particularly in the area of go-to-market strategy. He has worked with companies specialising in banking, payments & blockchain

Lucky Elohor

Brand Clarity & Monetization Expert

Lucky Elohor, also known as Digital Creator Chic (DCC).
As a Brand Clarity and Monetization Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses find their unique voice, monetize their expertise, drive product adoptions, and achieve remarkable success in the digital space.

Laerry Blue

Brand Authority & Influence Expert

Olanrewaju Alaka, also known as Laerryblue, is a seasoned professional in the fields of public relations and brand management.
With 8 years of hands-on experience, his expertise and achievements have earned him widespread recognition in the industry.

Temi Ajibewa

Business Coach & Personal Branding Expert

Fondly called The Electric Temi, Temi Ajibewa is an award-winning and highly-sought after thought leader in the personal development and business coaching industry.
As a Personal Brand Strategist and Business Coach, Temi helps thought leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to attract more opportunities to create more impact and income doing what they love.

Mazi Chinedu Romeo

Strategic Communications Specialist

Mr. Chinedu Romeo Oji is a multifaceted individual with a career that encompasses civil service, public relations, and coaching. His unwavering commitment to his work, combined with a deep passion for effective communication and philanthropy, has left a lasting impact across various fields. He is also a dedicated mentor who shares his knowledge and expertise through informal teaching and mentorship programs.

Fatima Ibrahim

Media Professional

Fatima Ibrahim is media professional with over a decade of working in TV and radio stations. With a focus on image management, TV content & special guest appearances, Fatima helps entrepreneurs gain presence on reputable platforms to further grow their brand influence.

Eddie Madaki

Brand & Marketing Consultant

Eddie Madaki is a brand and marketing communications consultant with over 15 years professional experience developing and executing compelling B2B and B2C marrcomms strategies for multilateral, commercial and SME brands across Nigeria, A trained marketer and McKinsey and company Salesforce transformation agent with over 10 years background working in private banking.

Here's What You'll Get

Virtual Training & Coaching

The Rainmaker Presentation and Interactive  Session

Early Access To This Edition

Exclusive Interviews, Articles and Features of Rainmakers

Ready To Unlock The Ability To Self-Fund & Grow Your Business Rapidly?

What You Can Expect From The Live Training & Launch!

Current Misconceptions

  • ​I need large investment to start my business
  • I need an investor to fund my business
  • I need to fully setup before I launch my business
  • ​Getting an investor equals success
  • Once I get funding I can focus on running and growing the business

Post Event New Realities

  • ​How to start with little to no capital
  • Easy Path to Self Funding Mastery
  • Generating revenue with little to no product 
  • ​Understanding the true path to success
  • ​Learning and understanding the power of revenue generation from day one

Are you sick of relying on outside investors to grow your business?

Unlock the power of self-funding, generate revenue with little to no product get the needed resources to help grow and scale your business

Host & Founder

Theo Godson

From going bankrupt to launching the Million Dollar Journey, Theo Godson has fully dedicated his life to helping visionary entrepreneurs build highly profitable and sustainable businesses.

With over 12 years experience across business development, branding, marketing and management, Theo Godson focuses on growing and scaling businesses.

He was awarded as the Young Business Leader of the Year in 2021, by the Nigerian Service Awards, he was also 10X Marketing Certified by Grant Cardone and became a Funnel Builder using ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson

Theo Godson specializes in Customer Acquisition, Revenue Generation and Business Automation by creating systems and processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of core strategies 

Theo Godson truly believes entrepreneurs are the only ones that can change any economy and impact lives.


Entrepreneur Rainmaker Book Launch and Live Training


8th Monday October 2023


Your Guide To Self Funding Mastery & Revenue Generation

Now Is The Time To Act

Ready To Unlock The Secrets To Self Funding Mastery?

The practical strategies to help you become a rainmaker, unlock the power of consistent predictable revenue generation and become an asset to any investor (if you ever decide you want one)

Plus a FREE Behind the Scenes From Industry Experts and Leaders

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