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Great job for registering for the FREE webinar where you’ll discover the ultimate path to self-funding and building a highly profitable business!

Keep in mind this webinar is not based on old, dated knowledge and “has-been” funding strategies…

This is real, actionable Rainmaker knowledge you can take RIGHT AWAY and implement directly into your business for self-funding, more customers, and more revenue!

With that said, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to SHOW UP, and show up early (at least 5 minutes early).

So take a moment right now and put the following date in your phone… or write it down… or paint it on the wall in your office. (Whatever it takes to make sure you’re there!)

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Thursday, June 13th @ 7PM WAT

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​​​This webinar could be the single most important webinar of your life… and I would hate it if you missed even 1 minute of it.

​​Good. ;)

​Did you write down the date?!?

​…and be sure to have a pen and a pad of paper ready because I can practically guarantee you will walk away with a few sales funnel “golden nuggets” that I know can change your business, and your entire life!

​Turn off your phone… tell the kids to go run around outside for a few hours (they can drink the hose water like we used to ;)

​​Do everything in your power to be there and with zero distractions.

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Theo Godson

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